Step 1: Sign In

Sign in to Dapp Factory by connecting your wallet. Once you are on Dapp Factory, you will get a pop-up to connect your MetaMask. Alternatively, you can manually connect to a wallet of your choice. Also, you can use your email ID and social accounts to log in by clicking the connect button on the top right.

Step 2: Select Presale

Select Presale from the left side menu and click on the create New IVCO banner available on top of the page

Step 3: Enter Details for New IVCO

On the next page, you’ll find the token details form to fill for you. Fill in all the details carefully and upload the token icon image. Once entered, click next.

Step 4: Enter Input Token Details

On the next screen enter Input Token details.

Input Token is the token that will be used to buy your token and also, enter the amount of your token that the input token can buy

eg. 1 USDC = 5 CNT

You can also additional Input Tokens by clicking Add New Token button.

Step 5: Enter IVCO Details

After entering Input token details, click next which will lead you to the IVCO details screen.

In this step, fill out IVCO details such as start and end date, IDO token sale amount, Referrer Address etc. You can also enable whitelisting for your IVCO by checking the enable whitelisting option at the bottom of the screen to provide whitelist spots to anyone.

Step 6: Enter Vesting Details

The next screen will show you a Vesting Details page where you have to enter Vesting details such as Vesting start and end date, Cliff Period (if any) etc.

Cliff Period is the time when Token will start being distributed.

Once you have entered all the information correctly and are ready to proceed, click on the Create IVCO button. You can go back to the previous screen at any step.

Step 7: Confirm and Approve IVCO

After clicking Create IVCO button, it’ll pop up a screen on your computer to confirm and approve IVCO. Check all the details and click Confirm and Create IVCO button. Else, click cancel and go back to any step to rectify the details.

By clicking the Confirm button you’ll be prompted with a notification on your metamask wallet like below. Click confirm to proceed.

After signing and confirming your transaction on Metamask, you can find your IVCO on the upcoming presale section of the presale screen.

Watch Video Tutorial:

Disclaimer: Once you confirm and approve the details for a service related to your token including start and end time or date, amount of the tokens or rewards, start and end block number etc, they cannot be rectified. We intend to protect general users and retail investors from rug-pulls and scams by implementing these restrictions on the developers and project owners.

For eg:

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