What is DappFactory?

DappFactory is a multi chain, 100% no-code, decentralized SaaS crypto protocol and a platform for quickly deploying and managing general purpose legos of any crypto product such as IDOs, Presales, Token vesting schedules, Staking, Farming, and much more.

You can learn more about DappFactory here.

Why should you use DappFactory?

  • Truly decentralized, no-code platform. When we say it's decentralized, we really mean it. You can create staking pools, token sales, and every other service offered by dapp factory without any restrictions or our involvement.

  • Fully audited, everything secured. So that, you don't have to spend weeks and thousands of dollars on getting your contracts audited.

  • No-code solutions for general purpose DeFi and Crypto legos. So that you can focus on your product 100% of the time instead of getting sidetracked in building and launching these legos manually.

  • Extremely easy to use.

  • Fully customizable and configurable SDK.

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